Branded ESG Initiative

A tailor-made branded  Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) initiative which inspires the younger generation for better SciTech development, as well as to enhance the sustainable governance of your corporation.

Event Sponsorship

Associating your brand with a rapidly growing charity supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) could be really beneficial for your business and stakeholders. These opportunities are great ways to connect with your target audiences while demonstrating world class corporate social responsibility.

Sponsor our high-profile events and enhance your brand while improving the SciTech future now! Let’s Make It Happen!

SciTech Marketing

A mutually beneficial collaboration between corporation and Y-LOT will promote your business through differentiating your brand in a meaningful way and engaging consumers in marketing initiatives that are relevant to your brand and our SciTech future.

Signature Events

Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Annual Golf Tournament is one of our signature fundraising events that allow us to raise funds to vigorously support the development of scientific research projects, facilitate collaborations between researchers and innovators, and catalyse our SciTech future.

We hope to create a platform for scientists, startups, and entrepreneurs to collaborate and improve the development of Hong Kong SciTech future.

SciTech Forum

Gathering international scientists, SciTech experts, and industry leaders, the Forum is part of the collective efforts to build a smart community propelling significant innovation on how to better facilitate the transfer from science to technology which will eventually benefit the SciTech scene in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

Youth SciTech Education

In order to make knowledge of Science and Technology more accessible and approachable to everyone, we launched a series of SciTech Education initiatives, including Code Art classes, SciTech Art exhibitions and SciTech lecture series for audiences ranging from disadvantaged children, local schools to the general public. All initiatives are open for sponsorship, CSR and ESG engagement. Your generous support will enable us to enlarge the talent pool while facilitating the SciTech ecosystem in Hong Kong and globally.

Y-LOT Foundation Partnership

With your generous support, you will be part of a wider movement to achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to mission-critical projects under Y-LOT’s 4 strategic pillars, Environmental Science, Space Science, BioTech and Deep Tech. 

*Listed in no particular order.