One SciTech One Future Series: Code Art Workshops – Technology x Art – Funded by ITC

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From July 2022, Y-LOT has successfully organized a series of Code Art Workshops at local primary schools sponsored by ITC funding, to help students utilize their interdisciplinary knowledge through coding. We hope to encourage children’s interest in technology and art, and inspire them to become the next scientific and technological talents.

Participating schools included,
保良局香港道教聯合會圓玄小學 Po Leung Kuk Hong Kong Taoist Association Yuen Yuen Primary School 
馬鞍山聖若瑟小學 Ma On Shan St Joseph’s Primary School
天主教伍華小學 Ng Wah Catholic Primary School
聖公會聖多馬小學 S.k.h. Saint Thomas’ Primary School
大埔舊墟公立學校 Tai Po Old Market Public School
華德小學 Bishop Walsh School
聖方濟愛德小學 St. Francis of Assisi’s Caritas School
順德聯誼總會何日東小學 Shun Tak Fraternal Association Ho Yat Tung Primary School

𝗬-𝗟𝗢𝗧 stands for ‘’Youth. Love. Opportunities. Technology.” We aim at making knowledge of Science and Technology more accessible and approachable to everyone. 

Let’s make it happen.