One SciTech One Future Series: SciTech Pioneers Awards Lecture Series – Funded by ITC

To push forward secondary school student’s career and life planning, and raise students’ academic aspirations in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ), Y-LOT invited the SciTech pioneers to share their stories of pursuing dreams in different secondary schools, inspiring the young to be the next SciTech pioneers! Participating schools included, 佛教茂峰法師紀念中學 Buddhist Mau Fung […]

One SciTech One Future Series: Code Art Workshops – Technology x Art – Funded by ITC

From July 2022, Y-LOT has successfully organized a series of Code Art Workshops at local primary schools sponsored by ITC funding, to help students utilize their interdisciplinary knowledge through coding. We hope to encourage children’s interest in technology and art, and inspire them to become the next scientific and technological talents. Participating schools included, 保良局香港道教聯合會圓玄小學 […]