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We care for a better future.

We are a nonprofit promoting social mobility of our youths and combating the world’s most pressing humanitarian problems by supporting development of frontier science and technology.

Y-LOT Supporting Scientists

Y-LOT supporting scientist: Prof. Becki Yi KUANG – Research on enhancing the performance of mRNA vaccine
Y-LOT supporting scientist: Prof. Zhe WANG – Research on an AI-assisted solution for low-cost high-resolution urban scale environmental simulation
Y-LOT supporting scientist: Prof. Haipeng LU – Research on molecular design for efficient electrochemical reduction of CO2 to Hydrocarbons
Y-LOT supporting scientist: Prof. Yukinori HIRANO – Research on investigating the mechanisms of aging individuality for personalized medication
Y-LOT supporting scientist: Prof. Adrian Hui Chun PO – Research on emergent spacetime from quantum materials
Y-LOT supporting scientist: Dr. Xin Zhao – Pioneer of Translational Regenerative Medicine for Clinical Use
Award winner: Dr. Yanguang Zhou – Pioneer of “Carbon Neutrality”
Award winner: Dr. Hugo Pfister – Pioneer of “off-centered” black holes

Y-LOT Scholarship Students

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Meet Y-LOT Foundation Scholarship 2022/23 – HKUST Scholars

We are zealous to promote the social mobility of our youths.
We are glad to witness the students’ dedication, hard work, and outstanding achievements on their educational journeys. Their kind words and expressions of gratitude are a great encouragement to us in supporting our youths. 

Y-LOT Supporting Startups

Allos Limited

Pioneering Biotechnology Startup

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Albacastor Robotics Limited

Pioneering DeepTech Startup

City University of Hong Kong


Pioneering Biotechnology Startup

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Pioneering Biotechnology Startup

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Meat The Next

Pioneering Food Technology Startup

Hong Kong Science Park

Remote Observing from Greenland (ROGer)

Pioneering Space Science Project 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Pioneering Environmental Science Project 

Microsoft, South Africa


Pioneering DeepTech Startup

The University of Hong Kong

Luquos Energy

Pioneering Environmental Science Startup 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Pioneering Deep Tech Startup

The University of Hong Kong

Networking Opportunities

SciTech Education


Meet Hong Kong Outstanding Young Scientific Researchers – HKUST

We are thrilled to highlight the pioneering scientific research supported by “Fei Chi En Education and Research Fund”.  These researches have made headway which we believe would bring breakthroughs in our livings. 

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