One SciTech One Future Series: Greater Bay Area Deep Tech Forum: Infinite Possibilities – Funded by ITC

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Hong Kong plays a key role in National 14th Five-Year Plan intending to become an international innovation and technology hub. Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu also advocates increasing procurement of products from Innovation & Technology companies and promoting Innovation & Technology thinking for all. Hong Kong I&T sector is faced with unprecedented opportunities.

Y-LOT and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology co-organize the Greater Bay Area Deep Tech Forum. Gathering international scientists, Deep-Tech experts, and industry leaders, the Forum is part of the collective efforts to build a smart community propelling significant innovation on how to better facilitate the transfer from science to technology which will eventually benefit the Deep-Tech scene in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.


Prof. Dong Sun, Secretary for Innovation, Technology, and Industry, expresses that the National 14th 5-year plan gives great support to Hong Kong in developing into an international I&T hub. Fostering technology transfer and commercialization of R&D results is one of his key priorities.


Mr. Andy Fei Chi En, Founder and Chairman of Y-LOT Foundation, gives a welcome speech, stating that cutting-edge science brings state-of-art technological disruption. Living in the age of infinite possibilities where even the sky is not the limit, technology transfer is getting unprecedentedly important. He wishes technology transfer can bring more economic value as well as resolutions to problems.

Prof. Wei Shyy, President of HKUST asserts that commercializing R&D results has been their mission since HKUST was established in 1991, and will continue to encourage the youngsters to get on the journey of application of technology and commercialization.

The Honourable Duncan Chiu, Member of the Legislative Council, Functional Constituency – Technology and Innovation speaks this is a favorable time for tech entrepreneurs and tech founders to start a company in HK, with opportunities presented by the GBA Layout, National 14th 5-year Plan and Hong Kong Northern Metropolis Development Strategy. However, he has a few suggestions for the government, including setting performance indicators to evaluate the existing funding schemes, reviewing various R&D dedicated funds, and strengthening the relationship between universities and R&D centers.


Prof. Tim Kwang Ting Cheng, Vice-President for Research and Development, HKUST gives a detailed illustration of the process of knowledge transfer, from research to impact, also HKUST’s strategic technology portfolio management with multifunctional porous polymer nanofilms and multilevel antimicrobial polymers coating as successful cases.

In the panel discussion of The Landscape of technology transfer in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, Dr. Ricky Chiu, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, PHASE Scientific, shares his experience of his startup journey, the key is all about moving fast and finding collaborations “You put the concepts and the products to different stakeholders for collaboration, and ask for as much help as you can.”

During the second panel’s discussion of Women in Science and Technology: The Opportunities that Ecosystem Diversity Offers, Ms. Venise Chan, Former HK No.1 Tennis Player, says being a professional tennis player, it’s important to know how to accept your injuries and be adaptive and flexible to different situations which is a great inspiration for youngsters working in the technology industry.