Moon Exploration. Lunar soil landed in Hong Kong!

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“5, 4, 3, 2, 1, launch.” Every countdown represents a new progress in space R&D. Humans have explored the moon more than 100 times already. How much do you know about the moon?

China’s “Chang’e-5” probe successfully landed on the moon at the end of last year and brought two kilograms of lunar soil back to the earth. After 44 years, it is the third country in the world to obtain lunar samples after the United States and the Soviet Union. The amount brought back is 10 times that of the Soviet Union.

Lunar soil is formed after billions of years of space weathering of lunar rocks, and contains different types of debris, volcanic glass, and different particles injected by the solar wind. Studying lunar soil samples will help us not only understand the key stages of the moon evolution, it will also enhance our knowledge of the solar system evolution. This will prepare us for the construction of lunar research stations and the moon landings in the future.

Aerospace experts from China recently came to Hong Kong to give a speech. They have also brought some of the lunar soil and a “Chang’e 5” model to Hong Kong for exhibition. It is planned to be publicly exhibited at the Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition this weekend.

Will the environment on the moon allow human beings to live? We look forward to scientists uncovering this mystery.