Hong Kong SciTech Pioneers Award 2022-23

The Hong Kong SciTech Pioneers Award (HKSPA) is to recognize the valuable contribution of young outstanding scientists and research teams that are under the Y-LOT SciTech 4 Pillars with a focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Award

One awardee will be selected in each of the Y-LOT SciTech 4 Pillars:

  1. Deep Tech Pioneering Research Team – Cash Prize HKD 15,000
  2. Biotechnology Pioneering Research Team – Cash Prize HKD 15,000
  3. Space Science Emerging Scientist – Cash Prize HKD 10,000
  4. Environmental Science Emerging Scientist – Cash Prize HKD 10,000

All awardees and short-listed applicants will be entitled to:

  • Access to contacts and/or programmes of our community ranging from VCs, talent investors, multinational professional services companies, angels, etc.
  • A certificate of recognition
  • Gain public exposure for short-listed applicants’ scientific research projects this summer.


  1. Application Deadline – 30 June 2023
  2. Public Pre-Award Workshops – June 2023
  3. Judging Panel Interview – 4 August 2023
  4. Public Showcase and Voting for Award Finalists – August 2023
  5. Award Ceremony & Presentation – November/December 2023

Application Details

Click here for the Application Details of Presentation, Summary, Cover Sheet and Nomination Form Submission.

HKSPA 2021-22 Event Highlight

Due to the pandemic, the Hong Kong SciTech Pioneers Award Ceremony 2021-22 was held online. After the challenges and adjustments we faced, the Award Ceremony 2022-23 will be proudly resuming offline, allowing us to share the excitement and achievements in a more profound and memorable way. 


Disclaimer: Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material/event (or by members of the project team) do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Innovation and Technology Commission or the General Support Programme Vetting Committee of the Innovation and Technology Fund.