Global Deep Tech Youth Forum: Technology Transfer and Opportunities and
"One SciTech One Future Series II" Grand Launching Ceremony
全球Deep Tech青年論壇:技術轉移與科創機遇 暨
第二屆「One SciTech One Future 系列」啟動禮

Given the pressing humanitarian challenges and SciTech being top priority of the Chinese and Hong Kong governments, facilitating science research commercialisation through Deep Tech startups are more important than ever.

Y-LOT promotes social mobility among youths and supports the development of SciTech talents by raising their awareness of the exciting future and challenges of Deep Tech startups. Immense opportunities are presented by science research commercialisation to youths in Hong Kong. This year, Y-LOT continues the innovative spirit and efforts to include key stakeholders and SciTech talents to have an open conversation on the development of Deep Tech startups and bettering SciTech ecosystem. 


Y-LOT Foundation 今年再度舉行「全球 Deep Tech 青年論壇」暨第二屆「One SciTech One Future 系列」啟動禮,邀請業內領軍人物和專業人士,透過一系列重要的專題討論探討香港及環球深科技技術成果轉移之現狀及未來發展前景。

"One SciTech One Future Series II" Grand Launching Ceremony

Launching Ceremony of the Y-LOT Signature Project “One SciTech One Series II”

Y-LOT 創科研先鋒活動 — 第二屆「One SciTech One Future 系列」啟動禮

Panel 1

Global and Hong Kong Landscape of Technology Transfer


Panel 2

The Implications of the development of Deep Tech startups on youths in Hong Kong and globally


Panel 3

Meeting Sustainable Development Goals with frontier deep technologies


SciTech Talents Showcase

10 High-potential SciTech talents to exhibit their great projects on the Forum in person


Global Deep Tech Youth Forum 2022 Event Highlights
全球Deep Tech青年論壇 2022 活動精華

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