The Focus on Industry Innovaion and Cooperation in GBA 大灣區重點產業創新與合作

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Y-LOT Co-founder and CEO, Ms. Elaine Wong, has been invited to participate in the prestigious “2024 Wuxi (Liangxi) – The Greater Bay Area Industry Innovation and Cooperation Conference” held in Hong Kong and Shenzhen on April 24th and 25th respectively.

The conference brings together experts from various industries to deliver speeches on topics such as “Low-altitude Economy,” “Artificial Intelligence,” “Robotics,” and “Space Information.” Furthermore, several funding projects were signed and implemented during the event.

Y-LOT 聯合創始人兼行政總裁王靜嫻女士,受邀參加於4月24與25日在分別在香港深圳舉辦的「2024年無錫梁溪 無錫梁溪科技城 – 大灣區產業創新合作大會」。大會匯聚了來自各個行業的專家,就「低空經濟」、「人工智能」、「機械人」和「空間信息」等領域及議題進行了演講,並進行了多項基金項目簽約落地。

We look forward to engaging with industry leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs to establish meaningful collaborations that drive progress and development in the respective sectors.