Y-LOT Hong Kong SciTech Pioneers Award Ceremony 2022-2023 香港創科研先驅獎頒獎典禮2022-2023

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Y-LOT Hong Kong SciTech Pioneers Award Ceremony 2022-2023 has come to a successful close! The Ceremony was an absolute success, celebrating innovation and brilliance in the world of science and technology.

Y-LOT 香港創科研先驅獎頒獎典禮2022-2023 圓滿舉行。是次頒獎典禮旨在表彰和嘉獎創科研及科創領域的創新與輝煌。

A heartfelt thank you to our incredible Keynote speakers Prof. KC Chan and Mr. Nick Chan for delivering the inspiring speeches that fueled the aspirations of all attendees. And Congratulations once again to all the remarkable awardees! Your dedication, hard work, and groundbreaking contributions are shaping the future of technology and science.

Let’s keep the spirit of innovation alive and continue to inspire each other on this remarkable journey. Together, to push the boundaries of knowledge and forge new paths in the realm of SciTech!