One SciTech One Future Series II: Hong Kong SciTech Pioneers Lecture Series 創科研先鋒講座系列

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Y-LOT has successfully completed a series of “One SciTech One Future Series II: Hong Kong SciTech Pioneers Lecture Series” at the local Primary Schools starting from Sept 15. We are glad to have our outstanding scientists, entrepreneurs, and start-ups as our guest speakers for the inspiring sharings. The students were not just attendees; they actively participated and absorbed valuable insights.

從 9 月 15 日起,Y-LOT 成功在8間本地小學舉辦了「第二屆One SciTech One Future Series創科研先鋒講座系列」。我們很高興能邀請到傑出的科學家、企業家和初創企業作為演講嘉賓,為學生們帶來啟發性的分享。學生們都積極參與其中,吸收嘉賓深刻獨到的見解。

We believe in the power of education and the impact it can have on young minds. This lecture series was designed to inspire, motivate, and broaden horizons to nurture SciTech talents in next generation. Their insightful and engaging talk is believed to leave a lasting impression on them. Thank you to all the students for their enthusiasm and to our speakers for their enlightening talk. We look forward to more such enriching experiences in the future!