The Governors of Suzhou Embarked a SciTech Tour to Y-LOT “FEI Chi En Dream Team Open Lab”

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The esteemed governors of Suzhou, China, have embarked on a fascinating journey into the realm of Innovation and Technology during their visit to Y-LOT “FEI Chi En Dream Team Open Lab” at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology! Under the visionary leadership of Y-LOT’s Founder & Chairman, Mr. Andy Fei, and the dynamic Co-founder & CEO, Ms. Elaine Wong, this meeting marks the step toward fostering greater collaboration in the development of Hong Kong SciTech field, and a better understanding of the difficulties faced by local students and innovators.

With a mission to foster innovation, the “FEI Chi En Dream Team Open Lab” has become a hub of creativity and progress. 3 Robotics Teams, including the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Team, Smart Car Team and Robomaster Team, were invited to demonstrate their innovative achievements in the meeting, the governors were amazed by their outstanding performance. These teams are the Lab frequent users and we are glad they all shine bright at different International Competitions.