One SciTech One Future Series: SciTech Tour to FEI Chi En Dream Team Open Lab 費志恩夢想啟航基地創科研之旅

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Following the Global Deep Tech Youth Forum and the Appreciation Tour to Hong Kong Palace Museum, the One SciTech One Future Series brings to the third activity, which is the SciTech Tour to FEI Chi En Dream Team Open Lab. Y-LOT has brought our future innovators to this extraordinary SciTech tour to FEI Chi En Dream Team Open Lab at HKUST on July 15. The students from Lok Sin Tong Young Ko Hsiao Lin Secondary School 樂善堂楊葛小琳中學 truely enjoyed the tour. Their enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion for science and technology truly impressed us.

在成功舉辦「全球Deep Tech青年論壇」和「香港故宮博物院鑒賞之旅」兩大活動後,“One SciTech One Future系列”迎來了第三項精彩活動——「費志恩夢想啟航基地創科研之旅」。於7月15日,Y-LOT帶領著我們新一代的創新者到訪香港科技大學的費志恩夢想啟航基地,展開了一場科研探索之旅。樂善堂楊葛小琳中學的學生們對這次的參觀活動表現出了極大的熱情和興趣。他們對科技的無限好奇和濃厚的熱情,讓每一位參與者都留下了深刻的印象。

We hope that this experience at Dream Team Open Lab has ignited student’s scientific spirit and inspired them to pursue the dreams in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Possibilities are limitless, we believe that the youth have the power to shape a better future through ideas and innovations.