Y-LOT Hong Kong SciTech Pioneers Award 2022-23 Pre-Award Workshops

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Y-LOT is thrilled to have our advisors Dr. George Lam, BBS, JP, Member of Chief Executive’s Policy Unit Expert Group, Mr. Charles Chau, Partner of Jones Day, and Y-LOT Co-Founder & CEO Ms. Elaine Wong, the Evaluation Committee Member of The Bridge Gap Fund of HKUST, to be the speakers for the exclusive Pre-Award Workshops!

Every speaker shared valuable insights to empower our startup teams in the thought-provoking sessions. Their visionary perspective left us inspired to embrace the power of innovation.

In the workshops, Dr. Lam emphasized the importance of “SciTech for good cause” and encouraged start-ups to pursue impactful causes beyond monetary gains.

Charles showcased his expertise by delving into the legal intricacies that start-ups may encounter on their entrepreneurial journey.

Elaine delved deep into the Award’s judging criteria and procedure, offering participants an exclusive glimpse into the path to recognition and victory.