Y-LOT Global Deep Tech Youth Forum – Speech and Panels Highlights

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Innovation and research in Hong Kong requires the joint efforts of the whole society to leapfrog development. Mr. Andy Fei, the Founder and Chairman of Y-LOT Foundation said in the welcome speech: “Deep technology is rooted in cutting-edge research of science and technology. It may take a long cycle to produce results, but it is critical that we should start now and push on for further innovations in the frontier industries. The forum hopes to create an interactive platform to bounce off new ideas for achieving continuous breakthroughs for the industry.”

Former Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Prof. K.C. Chan
, attended and participated in a panel themed “Global and Hong Kong Landscape of Technology Transfer”. He pointed out that innovative technology is an ideal resource. “Startup companies can emerge through Deep Tech, including AI technology and computer technology, etc., which have strong adaptability on a global scale. And it is suitable for young people to throw into it as there is less competition with traditional companies, and more room for development”.

Hong Kong Legislative Council member Hon. Duncan Chiu led the representatives of the technology community and industry to share the important role of startups and deep technology in promoting sustainable development in the panel.

Connecting the brightest minds in the industry, the discussions were informative and insightful. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for deep tech and the incredible young minds driving it forward.

Y-LOT Global Deep Tech Youth Forum aims to provide a platform for key stakeholders and SciTech talents, to facilitate an open conversation on the development of Deep Tech startups and bettering SciTech ecosystem. Let’s join hands to turn our SciTech visions into realities.