Technology makes Winter Games more splendid

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The 2022 Olympic Winter Games are in full swing. In addition to appreciating the dazzling performances of athletes, more new technologies and new concepts play a role in competitive sports, which are also the pillars of deep tech and environmental science that Y-LOT has supported.

In the process of preparing for The Winter Olympic Games, artificial intelligence (AI) provides athletes personalized training programs and guides them to improve their techniques and movements. In the finals, a 1:1 3D model was created for the Shougang Ski Jumping Platform through 3D and AI technology. The audience could roam through the 3D scene to watch the game, and also receive the AI sports commentator’s explanation of the game.

In addition, in order to reduce carbon emissions, the major venues of the Winter Olympic Games used carbon dioxide transcritical direct cooling technology for the ice-making process. The temperature difference between the ice surface was controlled within 0.5 Degrees Celsius (°C), and the carbon emissions were close to zero. This technology is also used for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games.