Y-LOT Participating Dr Kai-Fu Lee’s seminar

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Have you ever wondered how AI is going to change our lives in ten years? Y-LOT took part in the seminar “How AI will Transform the World: 2021-203” organized by City University of Hong Kong on July 16. Dr Kai-Fu Lee, the guest speaker, is the founder and CEO of Sinovation Ventures and the chairperson of AI Institute. He has been investing and developing artificial intelligence for more than thirty years. Dr Lee has shared his view over the transformation of AI and how AI will change our world in the next ten years. He also listened to the research findings of the students after the seminar. 


Deep Tech includes AI and it is also one of the four SciTech pillars that Y-LOT supports. Y-LOT will continue to support SciTech development and make the knowledge of Deep Tech accessible to the public.


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