Who is the author of AI artwork?

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 《The Next Rembrandt》

《Portrait of Edmond Belamy》


Making art with artificial intelligence is getting increasingly popular these days. You might not believe it. Both paintings attached are created by AI.

Paintings were analysed pixel by pixel and upscaled by deep learning algorithms to create a unique database. By understanding composition, paints etc, the algorithms will create a new image based on the artist’s style.

In 2016, an oil painting, “the Next Rembrandt”, was designed by a computer and created by a 3D printer. In 2018, another AI-created ink painting, Edmond Belamy, was sold at USD 432k in an auction. Using AI to create art is in vogue right now.

The ethics of AI art is highly controversial. If the work is created by different individuals and algorithms, who is the author? Should it be the project company, scientists, software developers, math formulae or the artist that AI simulates?

Will works made by AI be counted as great art? Undeniably human artists usually develop artworks organically with inspiration from life. While AI created works from big data, this also brings new possibilities in art. We never know if AI can think, feel and hence create like free human beings in the future!

So how shall we draw the line between AI and human artists?