Dream Team SciTech Internship Program 2022

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Shaun Chan, a 15 years old boy who loves to play the Triathlon (Swimming, Biking, and Running) joins Y-LOT’s Internship Program this summer and shares his thoughts about his experience.


Through working at the office and joining outreach school Code Art Workshops for learning and kids helping kids experiences respectively, Shaun realised how important Y-LOT’s objectives are, especially after Shaun interviewed with Y-LOT Chairman Andy Fei and one of the best Hong Kong Triathletes, James Tan during his internship. 

Since Shaun, Andy and James are sports lovers, their joyful conversations discussed a lot of connections between challenges athletes and scientists/ innovators have throughout their careers. No matter if there will be breakthroughs or not, athletes need to enjoy every sports training session and races, while scientists/ innovators need to keep doing continuous research and discoveries. In order to help Y-LOT raise more public awareness and enhance the synergy between sports and SciTech, Shaun finally had a plan for organising a virtual Triathlon competition in the near future. 


On the other hand, Shaun expressed that the school outreaching program “Code Art Workshop” was an excellent opportunity for him to help more underprivileged kids in the community. With his vast knowledge of coding, he was able to teach younger kids how to code but not code for them. He was able to teach them some technical skills that some younger kids have never even heard of or tried before. Overall, Shaun was happy that he was able to connect with many younger kids who are all so willing to learn more about coding after these workshops and get inspired.


Finally, Shaun is really impressed with the working environment in Y-LOT, everyone is super collaborative and spirited for planning and organising different SciTech initiatives. Therefore, he wishes to work here again.