Y-LOT 2022 SciTech Charity Calendar

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Calendar Donation:https://bit.ly/3x7DnPr

Kids of celebrities teamed up with a group of kids aged 8-12 to welcome beautiful 2022 with us by creating imaginative fractal trees using Javascript! What is more inspiring than riding through the wonderful 2022 with their mesmerizing code art?

Celebrity couples including Donnie Yen and Cissy Wang, parents of James; Ronald Cheng and Sammie Yu, parents of Emma and Evan; Coco Chiang and Dickson Yewn, parents of Uma joined hands with Y-LOT to celebrate the importance of Science and Technology, SciTech. 

“Never Gonna Give You Up” is the theme of the calendar cover created by James Yen. This aligns with the concept of Y-LOT’s SciTech Future Fund which encourages scientists and innovators to keep trying and breaking through as well as growing like a tree for our better future.

We hope the public can join hands with us to catalyse SciTech Future by contributing generous donations. Let’s MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Winners of 2022 SciTech CodeArt Calendar Competition (sequence is according to Alphabetical order of last names):
Tsz Yung CHAN
Wing Lun KWAN
Adrian LEUNG
Noelle LUI
Cheuk Yat WU
Charlotte YAU